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Endgame Plans for the Weekend

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1Endgame Plans for the Weekend Empty Endgame Plans for the Weekend on 1/15/2015, 1:39 am

Patch 2.5 is literally right around the corner, and I am way behind on my pre-2.5 plans. Being a professional procrastinator, Im at the point where its time to hit the grindstone.

Thursday (Tomorrow! Or today, in my time zone!) I have to work 9a-5p EST (6a-2p PST for you West Coasters who can't time zone). I will be on my usual "night" time at around 8p EST (5p PST) until about 2a EST. Thursday night will be the last night I will be available for anything related to endgame at all until 2.5 hits. If you want a progression group for T5-T7 or the EX Primals, that will be the time to do it. Im open for just about anything as long as it doesnt require me being a White Mage (Because, let's be honest, im a horrible healer).

Friday and Saturday I have off from work, and I will be devoting all of my playtime those days to leveling my ARC/BRD. My goal was to have it at 50 well before 2.5 hit, but I got sidetracked with SCoB and my newbies getting to 50 and doing their relics. On those two days, if you have anything that needs to be leveled up starting around Lv. 25, I will gladly DPS for you. Otherwise, I will be all up in the Duty Finder trying to get XP.

Sunday is up in the air, since I do not have my schedule for next week yet. Typically I work open to close (11a-6p), which would mean I wouldnt be online until 8p my time. If this is the case, I will spend my Sunday night getting OMG through CT/ST and trying to get him geared up for World of Darkness as fast as possible. Should I get the day off, most of my time will be spent wrapping up BRD and if I have a spare moment before my normal nightly login, I will run progression/clear groups for endgame.

Monday will be spent getting stuff prepared to sell for the early birds that will be running World of Darkness and the other new content as soon as the servers are back online. Whether I have to work or not, once I have stuff ready to sell, my plans for the night will be based on whether my BRD is at 50 or not.

TL;DR If you want endgame progression before 2.5 from me, Thursday night is the last night I can guarantee I will be available. If you have a low level class you want help with (Around 25 or so), Friday and Saturday will be the days we become best friends.

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2Endgame Plans for the Weekend Empty Re: Endgame Plans for the Weekend on 1/15/2015, 3:09 am

I would also like to 50 Bard before then. And maybe NIN. But that might be nuts.

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3Endgame Plans for the Weekend Empty Re: Endgame Plans for the Weekend on 1/15/2015, 6:19 pm

Well, I know Espada is working on his BRD this weekend as well, but he's got more time than we do to do it. So if you wanna run stuff with me, just holler.

Also worth noting, Im not doing anything ive said above until my daily tasks are all done (Ixal quests, GC turn ins, gathering my map, etc.) im in a pretty good routine and Id like to keep up with it. Very Happy

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