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Aeonia Nailo De Luna

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1Aeonia Nailo De Luna Empty Aeonia Nailo De Luna on 8/23/2014, 4:15 am

Name:Aeonia Nailo de Luna
Position: Lady of the House
Likes:A tidy house, talk of adventure,taking part in adventure, healing the sick or wounded, general acts of kindness
Dislikes:Damage to the Tavern, acts of cruelty, and people who don't pay their house dues, or spend to much time being lazy or drunk((>.<))
Family:Seraphina "Knee Capper" de Luna
Fears:long long pauses in conversation, and the idea of having to pick up a sword again
Goals: To take care of the adventurers that call the Twin Moon home, and to help them reach the height of their potential. Beyond that her only passion is healing.
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