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Mr Rei hardcore but rewarding power lvling tips

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Hello Lads Mr Rei here, to provide my own training regimin.

1. Ok so first things first, you will need a lv 50 partner

2. You will got to you current Levemete and aquire 3 leves.

3. You will have your lv 50 partner change to lv 50 dps class, Bard is very useful here. Then the character wanting to lv will start the Leve and have the lv 50 dps kill all enemies as fast as possible. (Key..It is very important that each leve be completed in 1min to 1.30 miniutes minimum!! as this will determine you triple exp) If and when you run out of leves, make sure to incorporate your fates were needed

4.Train hard have fun and who knows Mr Rei just might have a special reward when you reach lv 50. Young Aoenia has already trianed with me before, as well Ashton. So to training all of you!!

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