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Yeah my laptop cord's fried. It can hold about even charge with no games running... About. It's still fluctuating on charged %.

So... Yeah, this is a replacement cord I got from my computer guy, might still but under warranty but he was out on a call and couldn't check. Might get another for free in that case, buuuuut they have to order it. My laptop's a 17 incher ya see, places don't really keep cords that power these in stock, since most people don't use em...

So I SHOULD have a new one next week. Probably. I'll find out tomorrow. And despite saying I'd probably log in to sit around still, I can't. It didn't screw up until we wiped that second DD run, and in the time between then and when I logged out the second time after restarting and checking other games, I was down to 56%. It's holding steady at 55% now, but who knows how long that'll last, and I've got a lot of homework for this weekend, that needs my laptop to be, you know, on.

So, TL;DR, I'll be back next week but I'll still be on steam most likely, though may be mobile most of the time. And I already miss you all T_T

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^_^ hope your problem gets solved Albie!

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