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I will not be on until Wednesday night/Thursday.

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If I get on tomorrow? Kick me in the teeth.

I've got a bunch to do on my Business Law midterm and, while I will let myself take breaks, FF14 breaks.... Well they tend to last twice as long as they should, or never end.

I'm getting down our research site now at least, but I've still got a long way to go, and it's due at 10:30 on Thursday morning.

I know a loooot of people don't check this, and it's kinda weird not to see me around every day, so spread the word!

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:V you'll mostly just miss insane amounts of lag in and around limsa I'd think.

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AerinAlsolenta wrote::V you'll mostly just miss insane amounts of lag in and around limsa I'd think.

and the piles of dead rats and sheep outside tongue

Hi all, Melissa Delnos, Leon Odirion and Shael Capchu here, now lets all have some fun
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