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Thaelranath Stormbane

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1Thaelranath Stormbane Empty Thaelranath Stormbane on 9/21/2014, 2:13 pm

>Name: "Thæl" Thælranaath Orin'Thærael Grim'Nir Stormbane

>Age: 34 Years

>Height: 6'10"

>Race: Highborn Hyur

>Position: Fighter

>Gender: Male

>Eyes: Cobalt Blue

>Hair: Black With Woad Blue Highlights

>Day Of Birth: (9/26)

>Family: Mordred Tavvis-Brother, Sefa Tavvis-Neice, Eda Stormbane-Little sister.

>Occupation: Vanguard, Bouncer, Tactician, Strategist

>Residence: #007 Plot One, Ward Six- Mist

>Likes: Discipline, Beautiful women, Heavy weapons of fine construction, Storytelling, Singing, And bathing.

>Dislikes: Ignorance, Arrogance, Insubordination.

>Fears: Losing friends to death in battle due to his inability to defend them. Black Magick.

>Goals: To eventually start a family, and a farm with a forge.

Only Known to Those he would give his name to.. This Fierce Warrior of the highands possesses a fiery will and a vast knowledge of the Killing Technique.

His eyes show the wisdom of many battles, Sharp and confident; And they stare through you like you are Fragile, But Sacred.. A pitiful glance away shows his regret for your Potential fate in battle. His Superior ability to handle larger weapons due to his Savage nature in battle suggests that Thael would Perfer the Great Axe as his primary weapon.

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