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Itavo Jahdel

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1Itavo Jahdel Empty Itavo Jahdel on 9/9/2014, 8:07 pm

Name: Itavo Jahdel (Birthname: L'Akkahn)
Age: Early twenties (About 21/22)
Race: Miqo'te - Highlander
Gender: Male
Position: (As of posting): Explorer
Likes: Earnestness, concise plans of action, social gatherings.
Dislikes: Mind games, wild goose chases, manipulation, generally evil people, willful ignorance, people with no ambition.
Family: All deceased.
Fears: Being misled, sunk costs of effort to any goal or objective, coming out of a situation empty-handed.
Goals: Have a small house of his own, independent of any FC he would be a part of. Otherwise, to become a Man-at-arms to honor his late father.

[url=about:blank](Currently being drafted!)[/url]

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