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List of all Capchu's and their Roles!

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1List of all Capchu's and their Roles! Empty List of all Capchu's and their Roles! on 8/19/2014, 12:06 am

OKAY! Now that Capchu Corp is public knowledge and gaining in popularity, its time we keep track of the who's who in this society!

Capchu Prime

  • Suriku Capchu

DPS Classes

  • Shinto Capchu - Steven Mcnubbin (Dragoon)
  • Sonia Capchu - Lupe Fiasco (Black Mage)
  • Shael Capchu - Melissa Delnos/Leon Odiron (Monk)
  • Serafina Capchu - McNubbin's Girlfriend (Monk)
  • Sonata Capchu - Aeonia Nailo (Bard)
  • Vojtek Capchu - Terezka Smrtova (Monk)
  • Shishi Capchu - Regana Hart (Summoner)

Tank Classes

  • Sabriel Capchu - Alberta Gui (Paladin)
  • Serin Capchu - Aerin Al'solenta (Warrior)
  • Shana Capchu - Courage Wolf (Warrior)

Healing Classes

  • Sakuya Capchu - Knee Capper (Scholar)
  • Suki Capchu - Mitsuki Sonoda (White Mage)

Unclassified Capchus

  • Seviann Capchu - Rapture Nyx (Scholar/Summoner)
  • Hitori Capchu - Mianne Evrardoux (Scholar/Summoner)

I will try to keep this list updated frequently.

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I will post what I have of back-stories here for now, many of them are missing and some may be inaccurate since it's been a few days and these were just quick notes I jotted down. Feel free to fill in info about you or correct details.

Suki Capchu (mitsuki): -- Claim as sister -- Alternate Dimension (Her dimension is filled with evil people, but she is what is considered evil there, good)

Sonata Capchu (Aeo): Shingami that fell in love with Sakuya then made a deal to become mortal (and a body guard) if I brought Sakuya back to life

Shinto Capchu (Nubs) :

Shael Capchu  (Leon/Meli): Golem (A shard of titan is power source)

Sakuya Capchu (Cappy): Ghost Inhabiting a Lala Doll

Vojtek Capchu (Tere):

Sonia Capchu (Lupe): Evil Twin

Serin Capchu (Aerin): Animated Shadow

Sabriel Capchu (Albie): Frankenstien

Serefina Capchu ():

Hitori Capchu (Mianne): Magitech Cyborg (Robo Body -- living brain)

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As far as I remember, im pretty sure we decided on me being a Tulpa (thoughtform). From there, no idea lol

"All worlds begin in darkness, and all so end. The heart, is no different."
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