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A New Addition to Capchu Corp!

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1A New Addition to Capchu Corp! Empty A New Addition to Capchu Corp! on 8/16/2014, 1:05 pm

Hey leaders of the company, just wanted to bring to everyone's attention that the mysterious Serafina Capchu in the linkshells is none other than my girlfriend who initially abandoned me on Gilgamesh and then made her stout (heh heh, get it?!?!?!) return!

So if anyone sees her online, please invite her into the company! Very Happy

P.S. She does not have a keyboard for her PS4 (yet), and therefore doesnt chat often. If you see her and emote/talk to her, do NOT take it personally if she just runs. Its who she is. Smile

ETA: She's in the FC now. Make sure to say hi! Very Happy Thank you, Aeo!

"All worlds begin in darkness, and all so end. The heart, is no different."
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