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About Moogles and Unicorns

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1About Moogles and Unicorns Empty About Moogles and Unicorns on 8/14/2014, 1:39 pm

It's been quite some time since I took this pic but it still brings some funny memories...

I still remember Aerin shouting in the chat sayin something like " are those unicorns?? I don't belive it! It's unicorns..." and I went and said " What???" (as usual) and he went to say "come to La Noscea and you may see them". So I did... we ended up fishing and of course we threw a party for our moogles!   afro 

PS.: If it wasn't for Cappy and her sense of direction I would still be looking for all you and your unicorns!! (me: I don't see you. and she said: we over here! you just passed right through us!  me: 🤦 ) lol!

I think we should do this kinda of stuff more often it's really fun!

About Moogles and Unicorns Fc_ren10

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