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A little Aeo Announcment.

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1 A little Aeo Announcment. on 8/12/2014, 4:29 am

I made an announcement in FC chat recently. To catch up everyone who was not present....

Cappy and Albie recently broke up as some of you may know. Due to Cappy's living situation with her sister, she can't leave her, nor have people come visit, meaning no in person physical relationships. The two broke up on good terms as you can clearly see. Melissa and I also broke up for similar reasons, as I posted in my greeting I have a weak constitution and any physical meeting could cause me real harm. Meli has been great about it, and understood completely.

...I know this may seem like a sad announcement at this point but it gets better.

Cappy and I are very much alike. We have similar heritage, we like a lot of the same stuff...we spend a good portion of our time together. We are even in the same position, that we can't have a physical irl relationship. Above all that, and beyond anything else....Cap Cap is an amazing person.

My Aeo Announcment is that I love her. We have been together since the beginning of the month. Our relationship can be equal and I hope this news, is as good to all of you as it is to us. Albie and Meli have both been super supportive and I hope you all will be too!^.^

Thanks For Listening!

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2 Re: A little Aeo Announcment. on 8/12/2014, 4:30 am

Oh and feel free to post any questions you guys have^.^

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3 Re: A little Aeo Announcment. on 8/12/2014, 4:42 am

Objections will be met with a swift shield bash to the face!  Twisted Evil 

Watching Cappy be happy without that underlying worry that she can never be enough.. This is really the best outcome.

And before anyone worries about drama, there's no bad blood, though I can't speak for Meli. I'm sure he'll weigh in here at some point. Cappy and I are still as close as can be, it's no wonder no one figured out we broke up over the past few weeks.

We're all happy, so we hope you'll all be happy too.

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4 Re: A little Aeo Announcment. on 8/12/2014, 9:09 am

This is news. .-.

A good day it is a good day is it

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5 Re: A little Aeo Announcment. on 8/12/2014, 9:57 am

I will admit. When Lupe mentioned something (jokingly, of course) about Albie being a bad boyfriend while we were FATE grinding in Coerthas, and Cappy responded with a very non-chalant "He's not my BF anymore." im certain I wasnt the only one who was like "Wat?"

But when Albie immediately chimed in saying that everything was okay, and me personally seeing them still doing pretty much everything together in game, it was pretty much like nothing had changed.

From my point of view, as long as everyone is happy and it doesnt cause a bunch of drama, then Ill give any and everyone my full support without question. Everyone in this free company, and even those in the linkshell who are with other FC's, have all become some of the best friends ive met online. Id rather not have to find other people to play with because of bad blood.

Now, if we could just convince Mitsuki to heal for me again, everything will be peachy.  tongue 

TL;DR - Don't worry, be happy! Very Happy

"All worlds begin in darkness, and all so end. The heart, is no different."
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6 Re: A little Aeo Announcment. on 8/13/2014, 12:30 am

To be honest in my honest opinion, these kinds of things don't usually matter. However in my experience, leaving things to be discovered as a surprise usually leads to rumors and drama faster than anything. So here it is posted up, the information is there to be not noticed^.^ This just prevents any trouble or hearsay

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7 Re: A little Aeo Announcment. on 8/13/2014, 5:05 am

I love you too Aeo.  Very Happy 

Also for RP purposes, Aeo and Cappy will still be sisters. Our relationship is an OOC one. Now you know!

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8 Re: A little Aeo Announcment. on 8/13/2014, 12:16 pm

So when do we have a celebration party for the happy couple? Moonfaire is starting up. Would be a good time IMO.

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