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How about a Dungeon Guide forum?

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1How about a Dungeon Guide forum? Empty How about a Dungeon Guide forum? on 8/10/2014, 10:33 am

I was thinking about it, since it seems like a bit much for General Tips, and it's not really class-specific. There's a lot (well sometimes) to know, too, so here's some ideas, formatwise.

Topic Title: Dungeon Name / Difficulty (Sastasha Hard Mode)
Subtitle: Masterful display of wit....or not

Inside The Topic__
(Feel free to bulletpoint these!)

Quick Overview: General information in a condensed form, such as what to expect, how long you'll be in there, etc.

Objectives: What are you going to be looking for, killing, activating, etc.

Significant Encounters: Fights that you should be prepared for beforehand, whether by sheer power of the mobs or by gimmicks that can wreck up a team.

Well, the boss.

CLASS-SPECIFIC STUFF (still inside the topic)

As a XYZ, you should: For each class, the specific stuff you'll need to be on point for and what you should be doing. For example, which mobs to take care of first as a DPS, particular status effects you may want to apply, anything that might apply.

So....Could probably be vastly improved, but just an idea.

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