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Ranks and Their Meaning

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1 Ranks and Their Meaning on 7/26/2014, 8:20 am

In order to establish some semblance of RP context, here I will describe each rank and its relevance in both the Free Company and the RP.

Greenhorn - This is the rank that all new members are assigned.  After reading through the rules and information in this forum, you will be able to move out of this rank into one of the four listed below.

Reservist - This rank is for alternate characters of people already in the FC.

Our Free Company is led by four people: Knee Capper, Alberta Gui, Aeonia Nailo, and Melissa Delnos.  In the RP, each leader comprises a section of the management of the adventurer's guild.  These four ranks are completely equal in terms of FC privileges and status within the group.  However, they are separated into these categories for RP purposes, and their functions in that context are explained below.

Led by Guildmaster Seraphina "Knee Capper" de Luna

- - - - -
Explorers comprise the bulk of the guild, and are the most diverse in skillsets.  They are responsible for handling most of the more menial day-to-day job requests that come in.  Finding a lost person, getting a cat out of a tree, and chasing away brigands threatening crops all fall under the purview of the Explorer.  Because Sera herself is usually very busy with running the guild and usually does not directly oversee them, Explorers also aid to temporarily fill out the rosters of other ranks, and work with the other leaders on an as-needed basis.  They are the jack-of-all-trades of the guild.

Led by Lady Aeonia de Luna

- - - - -
Led by Lady Aeo, Caretakers are responsible for the day-to-day smooth operations of the guild itself.  Jobs such as cleaning, organizing, filing paperwork and tending to the wounded fall to the Caretaker.  However, Caretakers must also be capable fighters, as it also falls to them to defend the guild's headquarters itself should some nefarious individual or group decide to descend on it.  Caretakers are in the unique situation of handling both servile tasks and fierce combat, and as such they often train with the other ranks while on the guild's grounds.

Led by Commander Alberta Gui

- - - - -
When jobs that require a superior martial combatant or team come in, the guild turns to its Fighters.  They are the masters of nonmagical combat, whether melee or ranged.  Their combat skills need to be top-notch when more dangerous jobs are put forth to the guild.  Slaying rampaging beasts or stopping advancing combative companies are examples of the jobs a Fighter can expect.  Due to the overlap in their job types, Fighters often work alongside Spellcasters, each supporting the other with blade or spell.

Led by Sorceress Melissa Delnos

- - - - -
Much like Fighters, Spellcasters are expected to handle the guild's more dangerous jobs.  However, their forte is in magic over might as they rain spells down on the battlefield.  However, this is not their only duty in the guild, as the title Spellcaster serves as a bit of a misdirection.  They also often handle the more discreet and underhanded job requests, such as infiltration, stealth and reconnaissance.  After all, a hulking brute with a greatsword certainly can't get into the kind of places that a simple inconspicuous person with a tome hidden in his cloak could.  Of course magical skill is greatly appreciated, but even Greenhorns who find themselves a bit lacking in the magical department can excel here if they are sufficiently stealthy.

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