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1 Praetorium on 8/1/2014, 3:27 pm

Since I hit 50 yesterday, ive gotten a lot of people asking when I plan to get into the endgame. Well, all that is left is for me to tank and spank Ultima Weapon, and then I can partake in all of the glorious endgame content.

I would like to do Praetorium tonight and get it out of the way, but I also know Lady Aeo needs to run it, as well. We both ran Castrum together today, so I know she's pretty much ready for it. Very Happy

I know there were a few people who mentioned they would like to fill certain roles of the 8-man for me, and as it stands this is about all I know:

Tank #1 - Me
Tank #2 - Ryu Sykes (If tonight) or Cobalt Quicksilver (another FC - Only if I do it tomorrow night)
Heal #1 - Lady Aeo (if she so desires it or doesnt run it before I do.)
Heal #2 - Mianne (offered, still havent 100% confirmed this one myself)
DPS #1-4 - Unknown/Havent gotten a clear cut offer yet.

Lemme know what people would like to do, if anything! I work until 10:30pm EST tonight, and am available pretty much all night until about 3am-ish EST.

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2 Re: Praetorium on 8/1/2014, 9:27 pm

Depending on when I get home tonight I'm totally down. Boyfriend got his appendix removed today, so I'm off to the hospital. I'll probably be on around... Let's say 1 am est.

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