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A Shout-Out to our Raid Team...

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1A Shout-Out to our Raid Team... Empty A Shout-Out to our Raid Team... on 3/1/2015, 3:04 am

I want to thank, commend, and just give a massive, heartfelt shout out to our endgame team.

Tonight, we spent nearly two and a half hours of time in duty, a few hours of prep, waiting and resting, trying to clear T8 with a 100% Free Company based raid team. I completely lost track of how many time we watched Albie run and throw his shield at The Avatar. I lost track of how many times Fin or OMG hit their respective towers. I dont recall how many Homing Missile tethers Kevin and I swapped back and forth or the number of times we'd get him down below 10% HP and wipe to a poorly timed Defensive Reaction or that forgotten Landmine in the corner.

What I DO remember, is everyone's dedication and resolve to continue throwing our faces at The Avatar. The continued concentration on the mechanics, willingness to jump in a push a tower for someone with too many stacks, the need to revive everyone who died as soon as they died. I may not know exactly how many times we got him down to near death, but I know without a doubt we did it consistently

Without people like you, that probably wouldn't have happened. So give yourselves a hearty pat on your back. You kick ass. And you know it. Smile

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