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Dont Trust RNG

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1 Dont Trust RNG on 1/28/2015, 12:37 pm

2 million gil in materials just went bye bye due to a 90% success rate action choosing to not be part of that 90%.

Im gonna go smash something.

Also worth noting, for some reason my crafting chat doesnt show any Steady Hand, Comfort Zone, etc actions at all. For those curious, the rotation was:

CZ -> IQ -> BoW -> PbP -> SH -> PbP -> MM -> Ing 2 -> CS2 -> BoW x3 -> ToT -> MM -> ToT -> SH2 -> HTx5 (This is where I derped most, looking back. Should have only done 4 and saved the last SH2 proc for the finale) -> BoW

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