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The Mcnubbin Grind to 50!

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1 The Mcnubbin Grind to 50! on 7/30/2014, 4:47 pm

So. I went to buy my private room today, and despite the consensus from earlier this week, you DO need a class at 50 in order to purchase a private room. The closest thing I have, is my level 47 PLD. So here's the plan:

If anybody is feeling kinda bored and wants to get together for some shenanigans, we can all run FATEs and stuff in Mor Dhona/Coerthas to grind me to 50. Ive got roughly 1.1m XP to go until I get to 50. If I can get to just under 300k xp left, I can just finish my hunting log on my own and it will pop me up to 50.

Let me know what people are thinking, if interested! I get out from work at about 8pm EDT (5pm PDT, approx. 2am UK time) and am looking to start this up shortly afterwards.


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